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Hundreds of Dominicans are left homeless after the passage of Isaías

The phenomenon forced the evacuation of 5,210 people across the country and caused damage to a thousand homes…..

Hundreds of Dominicans were struggling this Friday to recover their belongings in the mud, a day after a strong flood caused by the storm Isaías destroyed their houses in Hato Mayor, the city most affected by the cyclone.

Isaías, which had not yet become a hurricane as it passed through Dominican territory, forced the evacuation of 5,210 people throughout the country and caused damage to a thousand homes, mostly in Hato Mayor, a small agricultural town in the east. Dominican.

‘Terrifying’ is the most used word this Friday in this city to describe what happened on Thursday, when the storm swept the area with sustained winds of 95 kilometers per hour and discharging 254 millimeters of rain.

The storm caused the overflow of the Maguá and Paña-Paña rivers, causing one of the worst floods remembered in the province.

There were no fatalities in the city, thanks in part to the fact that the roofs and upper floors of some houses served as a platform to save themselves from the flood, but the damage is widespread.


An elderly woman from this town, María Alicia Díaz, tells Efe, resigned, that her home “has been totally destroyed.”

While sitting at the door of her house, she tells the story of the unexpected ‘terror’ brought on by the storm.

‘Here David passed, here George passed, here Mary passed. But like Isaiah nothing. Hear me, it has a biblical name, but Isaiah is a terrorist for some things, ‘he said.

It’s not the only one. Many neighbors want to show the cameras the ruin their homes have become. All, without exception, have the floors completely covered in mud. Some have even lost the walls.

Juan Alberto, whose mother is disabled, was the first to post images of the flooded streets on the nets, where the water reached the chest of the neighbors, who did not expect such a catastrophe because of Isaías.

This Friday the families took the belongings they have saved outside to dry in the sun, although with an eye to the sky, in case the treacherous Isaías sends a new downpour that ends up destroying everything.

Meanwhile, in the river and the ravine several families were busy washing the clothes that they have been able to rescue in those still murky waters, without appearing to care about the color of the water or that this was the origin of the flood that has left them with what Market Stall.

The Red Cross is conducting a survey of the needs of the population in this area, where at least 3,500 people are going to need the institution’s help, according to the president of the entity’s branch in Hato Mayor, Enrique Marchena. .


Emergency agencies warned this Friday that new floods may occur in the country, although the volume of rains has reduced considerably after Isaías left Dominican territory on Thursday night.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) maintains the red alert level (maximum) in eight provinces because the rivers are swollen due to the rains.

“The rivers are going to go down in flood now, you have to ask the population to refrain from crossing them either by vehicle or on foot,” COE director General Juan Manuel Méndez said at a press conference.

According to the balance of the institution, 131 localities are isolated by the overflow of rivers, streams and ravines; while in several provinces landslides and falls of trees have been registered.

On Thursday, a deceased was registered in the city of El Seibo, east of Hato Mayor, due to the fall of an electric cable.

The storm also damaged dozens of electrical circuits, leaving at least 219,000 customers without power.

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