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Clarissa Molina was insulted for having coronavirus, they called her ‘the infected’

Three weeks ago, Clarissa Molina had a lot of openness for her followers and the public of El Gordo and La Flaca who had tested positive for COVID-19 . In a matter of days the symptoms began to appear , weakening her and causing pain and unpleasant reactions in her body. However, there was one more discomfort that she had to deal with, because although she was most honest with the world about the contagion, some people on social networks pointed her out for having the disease and even came up with insults.

Clarissa Molina told in 'El Gordo y la Flaca' that she had tested positive for Coronavirus

Clarissa Molina told in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ that she had tested positive for Coronavirus Raúl doubted how his neighbors reacted when he found out about the program that he had the disease that has put the whole world on edge. “How do you do when you leave your building? Do people look at you with a bad face? He says: ‘Watch out! Is it El Gordo and La Flaca that has Coronavirus’? ”Asked Lili Estefan’s friend.

Clarissa first wanted to make it clear that she has had to leave the house only to take the test. “No one saw me weird,” she said of her neighbors. But the story was different on social media. “There are many people who have to take into account how they write or how they express themselves to those who are infected,” she said sincerely.

Clarissa shared on social networks how her experience was

Clarissa shared on social networks how her experience was “I think it is a very delicate thing and that not everyone is too strong to put up with people saying, ‘Oh, the infected one!'” He explained, as it was one of the comments he received while recovering.

“Obviously I didn’t mind. I don’t care because I know that I didn’t look for the virus ”, he was honest about how those words did not affect him. “We have to be sensitive. We don’t have to be judging. Nobody wants to go out and get the virus to stick to it, ”he added.

Although she is feeling much better today, the Dominican is still waiting for another test to make sure that the virus has left her system. But his spirit is higher, so much so that from this week he was part of the Univision entertainment show again , but broadcasting from his home.

A real lesson for Clarissa Molina

In a situation where health is compromised, most would like to be accompanied and with someone who is on the lookout and helping on the worst days. In the case of Clarissa Molina, this was not the case, since the model had to face this disease practically alone.

Clarissa Molina's family was aware of her from afar

“My mom and dad call me every second. She wanted to come but she said: ‘Mommy, no! It will be worse if you catch it, I would not forgive myself, ‘”he explained in El Break de las Siete , heart in hand, on how he cared for his loved ones, still wishing they were close.

“I really need it. I had to go down every day to do my little things and again to bed, even if I had a pain in the body or a headache, ”she recalled. For her, this was a test of strength, like many others she has faced in life. “It is not easy to be alone when you are sick,” he said.

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