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US Immigration 20% Rate Increase

The government of President Donald Trump announced on Friday an exorbitant increase in the fees for some immigration procedures, including an 81 percent increase in the cost of US citizenship for naturalization and charges to people seeking asylum, a monetary taxation without precedents in the United States.

The Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) revealed a final rule published in the Federal Register on Friday detailing the new costs of efforts to obtain immigration documents, a further change in national policies with a view to curbing legal immigration of low-income foreigners.

The rate adjustment, in order to guarantee “that the Citizenship and Immigration Service recovers all the costs of the services it offers,” the agency said in a statement, includes a fee of $ 50 in the Asylum and Suspension Application. Removal , which makes the United States one of only four countries in the world that charge a fee for providing humanitarian protections.

The fee to obtain US citizenship by naturalization will increase from $ 640 to $ 1,160 if applied online , to $ 1,170 per paper.

The work permit ( Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization ) will cost $ 550, after a 34 percent increase. And those who obtained residency on the basis of marriage would have to pay $ 760 to remove the conditions in their permanent resident status , 28 percent more than the current price.

USCIS adjusts rates for petitions for immigration and naturalization benefits

The immigration agency cited the increase in operating costs and the decrease in its income to cover expenses as a reason to raise the fees.

According to the statement, the Department of Homeland Security adjusted the rates by an average increase of 20 percent to recover its operational costs and thus avoid an estimated insufficient funds of $ 1 billion annually.

“USCIS is required to examine incoming and outgoing funds and make adjustments based on that analysis,” said Joseph Edlow, deputy director of policy for the immigration agency, in a statement. “These rate adjustments that were pending for some time , are necessary to manage legal immigration system our nation efficiently and fairly, ensure the nation and protect Americans.”

The immigration agency has declared to Congress that it needs $ 1.2 billion in emergency funds to stay afloat amid economic difficulties.

Rates will take effect 60 days after Monday, so it would be Friday, October 2.

New fees for immigration forms

The most drastic increase in rates is reflected in work visas, citizenship, green cards and papers for relatives of victims.

“The fee waiver is almost eliminated, leaving low-income people out of citizenship applications and humanitarian protections,” Doug Rand , an immigration expert , wrote on his Twitter account.

Among the most used forms affected by the rate increase are:

? I-765, Application for Employment Authorization

It increases 34 percent, from $ 410 to $ 550.

I-131A, Request for Travel Document (Transportation Document)

It increases 76 percent, from $ 575 to $ 1,010.

I-881, Request for Suspension of Deportation or Cancellation of Removal

It goes up 535 percent, from $ 285 to $ 1,810.

I-751, Petition to Cancel Conditions of Residence

It increases 28 percent, from $ 595 to $ 760.

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