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The things you did not know about Águeda López, the beautiful wife of Luis Fonsi

Águeda López is the beautiful and sensual wife of  Luis Fonsi , who has conquered social networks with her incredible beauty. And if you do not know the 38-year-old Spanish model very well, here we will leave you some information about her.

1. Before being a model

As a child, Águeda felt a great attraction for the arts, even before being a model she  was a classical dancer . This was during her childhood and adolescence. She lived in Spain and over time she got closer to the fashion catwalks, by 19 she was already in  beauty pageants and was Miss Toledo 2000.

2. His studies

She studied journalism in Madrid and this led her to become a television presenter. He also had his own segment in  Despierta América, called “Mama to the rescue.”

3. His controversy with Fonsi

On more than one occasion Águeda was singled out as “ robber husbands ”, because within a few months of  Adamari López and Fonsi separating, she entered the singer’s life. However, the story between Águeda and the singer is different, as  they met months after the divorce. Fonsi and his now wife met in 2010, while Adamari’s divorce occurred in 2009.

4. His cyber love

Fonsi and Águeda, after meeting, had to maintain a relationship that was supported by messages through Facebook, because between their busy schedules and the places where they lived, they had to resort to technology to stay in touch.

5. A beautiful mother

The couple has two children and Águeda has always proved to be  an excellent mother . He even has  his own children’s line called MIKABOO  which is inspired by Mikaela, his oldest daughter.

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