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Millions of people lose weekly unemployment benefit

Millions of people lose weekly unemployment benefit after Senate failure to extend payments

Millions of people lose weekly unemployment benefit after Senate failure to extend payments

Approximately 30 million Americans will lose their $ 600 weekly unemployment benefit this Friday. Democrats and Republicans failed Thursday in their negotiations to approve an extension of these payments.

The loss of this income is dramatic due to the strong recession in the country caused by the coronavirus pandemic and which has already led to the biggest drop in economic production in the United States .

The Senate did not reach an agreement to pass a new aid bill to alleviate the crisis, which means that the majority of Americans without work will go on to receive $ 330 a week as emergency unemployment benefits expire.

Senate inaction comes as new jobless claims have risen again, numerous businesses shut down, and nearly 30 million Americans revealed in a survey that they had insufficient food last week .

Thursday was the fourth day in a row that the United States reported more than 1,000 deaths from coronavirus and nearly 70,000 infections.

Meanwhile, the White House and some of its Republican allies in the Senate said Thursday they want to extend, at least temporarily, an additional unemployment benefit of $ 600 a week that has kept families and the economy afloat. during the pandemic. The proposal seems to be too late.

Republicans have tried to cut the additional unemployment benefit in the next pandemic aid package, but President Donald Trump and some Republican senators suggested they may agree to keep the benefit at $ 600 for now. Nightly negotiations are planned on Capitol Hill.

“We want a temporary extension of the improved unemployment benefits,” Trump said at the White House. “This will provide a crucial remedy for Americans who lost their jobs because of the pandemic, not because of it.”

“It has to be substantial,” he added.

However, Democrats have rejected a piecemeal approach, noting that the next aid proposal needs to be a complete package. Before Trump spoke, Senate Top Republican Mitch McConnell adjourned in the House for the weekend, while taking a procedural step that could allow a vote on a possible deal next week. So far, the negotiations have made little progress.

“I am not very optimistic that we will have any kind of agreement on a comprehensive project in the near future,” said Mark Meadows, chief of staff at the White House. He noted that he even doubted an agreement could be reached next week.

Negotiations on the aid package are stalled with little reason to be optimistic despite broad agreement among the main maneuvers that Congress must approve more aid in the coming days and weeks.

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