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Manny Pérez is happy with his leading role in the series “Big Dogs”

.The Dominican invites his compatriots to see his new challenge as an actor on the Amazon Prime Video and Tubitv platforms….

Santo Domingo. Manny Pérez, the first Dominican actor to star in a series on Amazon Prime Video, invited the community to enjoy the series “Big Dogs” through that platform and on

he revealed that the series, which has made him the first Dominican to assume a leading role in Amazon Primer Video, was filmed a year and a half ago, which is a great achievement for your him.

“It is a drama created by producer Adam Dunn, offering a bankruptcy vision of New York City, causing chaos there. I assume the character of Sixto Santiago, a Dominican from Washington Heights, New York, a man who seeks the truth in the midst of crime, “he explained. The prominent Dominican actor revealed that he always keeps auditioning with the purpose of continuing the projection of his career.

However, he explained that to embody this character he did not have to because the producer contacted him.

“The executive producer saw the movie ‘La Soga’ a long time ago and in his script he had a role for a Dominican from Washington Heiths, he remembered that I am Dominican and that’s where the offer for this role came from,” he said.

At a good time

The COVID-19 pandemic put the film industry in check and people have taken shelter on streaming platforms to watch movies, series, and other content. “When this series was filmed it was never thought that we would be living the situation of now. It is crazy and that has caused madness with the reaction of the public ”.

A positive stepManny Pérez’s agent keeps him constantly updated on everything that has caused his performance in “Big Dogs”. He has made a positive feedback survey for his role. “I had not seen it, but when movies and series start shooting my career will reach another level thanks to this,” he revealed.

The Dominican actress Celinés Toribio also acts in the film The cast is completed by Brett Cullen, Michael Rabe, Micheál Richardson, Lance Henriksen and Jeff Kober.

Manny who has lived through the pandemic in total confinement. Although he acknowledges that it has been very hard for the population, he revealed that he has used the time to work on the edition of the second installment of the movie “The rope”. “I have friends who have passed away as a producer of what is happening. You can’t go outside if you don’t do it protected, it’s a long process and I think it’s getting worse now. People have to wear masks and take care of themselves. “

New movie

“La soga”, the action film released in 2009 directed by Josh Crook, starring him along with Puerto Rican actress Denise Quiñones will have its second installment next year. He detailed that his filming occurred between the months of January and February of this year. Its filming was in Rhode Island, United States. There he was director, producer. “I’m working on this for its premiere next year. It is one hundred percent made in the United States and with a scene in Santo Domingo. I have excellent actors such as Félix Germán, Sarah De León, Juan Fernández, among others, ”revealed the actor.

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