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Francisca Lachapel shows behind the scenes while working from home

Francisca Lachapel , like her colleagues from Despierta América , is working at home, bringing joy and good news every morning to the homes of viewers. But her routine is quite different from what she’s used to in the Univision studio, turning a part of her house into an impromptu set full of lights, makeup and a bit of clutter.

Tomorrow morning, Francisca connects with her own house as a background, she usually puts on makeup and hair to look as beautiful as ever before the camera that she places surrounded by a ring of light to avoid shadows and make her face look completely illuminated . But certain details like this are allowed, in which it is most comfortable with slippers.

In addition, the former Nuestra Belleza Latina showed the world that when she finished recording, her house was made a mess of papers. With the microphone on the floor, she revealed: “Those are papers that I use when I finish with each note. I always have them on hand to avoid saying mistakes or something wrong, ”she expressed in one of her stories on Instagram.

Francisca does not forget her morning coffee to wake up completely. And instead of teleprompter , put a sheet under the camera that sticks with a bit of tape. “To, as I said, not make any kind of mistake,” she explained before ordering her house and making it ready for a new broadcast of the show.

Quarantine in Awake America

Like Francisca Lachapel, Satcha Pretto , Raúl González and Carlos Calderón transmit from their home due to the quarantine to which they were forced to comply after their friends and colleagues Alan Tacher and Karla Martínez tested positive for COVID-19.

The staff of Despierta América is in quarantine after the COVID-19 cases registered in Univision

Clarissa Molina , a friend and former beauty queen like Francisca Lachapel, also tested positive for the disease that has the world on hiatus. Both presenters were together a few days ago in the recording of the special Nuestra Belleza Latina El Reencuentro , in which the reality show participants tell their best experiences on their way to the crown.

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