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Dr. Undocumented, First Hispanic Dreamer Graduated from Medicine at a US University

Óscar Adrián Hernández became the first undocumented doctor of Hispanic origin to graduate from a medical school in the United States when the graduation ceremony for the University of California at Irvine ( UCI ) washeld this Saturday.

The now “Dr. Undocumented “ is one of thousands of young immigrants called ‘dreamers’ who were favored by the deferred action for childhood arrivals ( DACA ) in 2012 decreed the then President Barack Obama , an immigration benefit that the current president Donald Trump is strives to eliminate.

“Today is my graduation from medical school!” Wrote Oscar this Saturday on the GoFundMe page that he opened in 2015 to raise funds and be able to pay the tuition when that year he entered the UCI School of Medicine.

“Thank you and know that you were essential to make this happen. It meant a world to me! “He added in appreciation to all donors.

Óscar, who also graduated from UCI with a master’s degree in business administration, will move to the state of Ohio to start his residency or training program as a general surgeon at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic .

The agenda of white supremacists behind Trump’s decree to end DACA

The way of the “Lord Doctor”

This 31-year-old young immigrant, who is often affectionately called “Pony” by friends and family , came to the United States when he was not yet two years old.

Despite coming from a humble family and having grown up in a poor community in San Diego , California , he managed to excel in his studies with the highest marks in his class, in addition to standing out as a footballer to lead his school team to the championships.

His first experience in the medical field was in one of the houses that his mother cleaned to support the family when, on one occasion, the owner of the house, who was a doctor, taught him to use the stethoscope on a T-Rex that Oscar had as a toy at the age of 5 years.

He says that at that moment he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: heal people.

But the path to become a “Mr. Doctor” has not been easy for Óscar in the face of financial shortages and because as a DACA beneficiary he is not eligible for federal government scholarships or student loans, so in order to pay for his studies Superiors worked as a cashier in a taco shop, a laundry manager, a cleaning boy, and a customer service representative.

“The path to achieve my education has been unconventional and one that not many have overcome. Now I aspire to be one of the first undocumented students in the United States to attend medical school, ”said Óscar when he was accepted to go to college.

Five years later, the dream of this ‘dreamer’ has come true.

Óscar Hernández: “Medicine is my way of saying thanks”

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