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Coronavirus Map: Cases in the United States, Mexico, and the World

The world continues to be on alert after the appearance of a never-before-seen virus, and with  this  world map of the coronavirus  you can stay up-to-date on the scope of COVID-19. 

As of June 23, according to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), the coronavirus had claimed the lives of more than 474,000 people and infected more than 9.1 million worldwide. In the United States alone, there are already more than 2.3 million people infected. Initially, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that the death rate of COVID-19 was lower than that of influenza, a disease that in the first four weeks of 2020 claimed the life of 1,210 people across the country,  according to figures from the same body . However, in a March situation report, the WHO indicated that mortality from COVID-19 “appears higher than from influenza, especially seasonal influenza.”

The WHO indicated that  3.4 percent of people with COVID-19 have died , while seasonal influenza kills less than 1 percent of infected people. 

Initially the largest number of those affected by COVID-19 was in China, but in early June the United States exceeded two million cases. Coronavirus cases in China have remained in approximately 84,000 cases for several weeks. The virus is currently present in 188 countries, so on May 15, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified  COVID-19 as a pandemic .

In the United States, more than 2.3 million cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed, in Brazil more than 1.1 million are reported, in Peru more than 260,000, in Chile more than 250,000, in Spain more than 246,000, in Italy more than 238,000, in Mexico more than 185,000, in Ecuador more than 51,000 and in Argentina more than 44,000, as of June 23. The number of discharged patients has also exceeded four million.

In the face of the public health emergency, Stanford University’s Big Local News and Pitch Interactive initiatives, with the support of  Google News, released an interactive map showing the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people, and shows the severity of the outbreak according to the number of people residing in each region.

The data comes from an open base recently released by The New York Times , and Google said in a statement that the first version of the coronavirus map will be released on April 14 and will be exclusive to the United States. However, the company indicated that “a global edition will be launched soon.”

For its part,  Facebook created a map that shows an estimated percentage of people with  symptoms of COVID-19  in the United States. This map is intended to help researchers and experts understand the current health crisis. 

“With more than 2 billion people on Facebook, we are in a unique position to support COVID-19 research,” read the   COVID-19 Symptom Map website . 

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