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Asesinato de ex-teniente “La Soga” ¿A quién beneficia?




Written by Florencio de los Santos

As taken from soap operas, pictorial characters appear in the daily life of the Republic, in this case, hitmen, presumably linked to military or police institutions, who at the end of the road almost always honor the biblical saying: “He who kills iron dies iron” . The names are superfluous: Chichí Bolón, Carlos Evertz, Cabrerita, Vantroy, Lopecito, among many others who rose, worked and disappeared in the shadows, after stories very similar to those of former police lieutenant Fernando de los Santos, alias “La Soga”.

With the shooting death of the controversial former agent in his town Gurabo, a kind of popular debate was opened, where some consider that the deceased was doing social welfare work supposedly executed by criminals and criminals. While others understand that his alleged links to the institutional hired assassin and organized crime forced his departure from the police ranks, a subsequent case in court (from which he always strangely escaped), and quite possibly his recent death.

If the investigative media of the Police want to know who ordered this crime and why, they would have many elements to obtain it. How is it that the last telephone conversations that “La Soga” had and with whom have not been discussed? What were you looking for or who were you waiting for where you were shot? Who would you meet there and for what? Did he get to shoot his gun and why isn’t this talked about? Was it true that he was unarmed or did his executors carry the weapon? Did he have traces of gunpowder on his hands? Did you injure some of your attackers by repelling the action? And other questions.

None of those questions have come up in an investigation that clearly seems to have no interest in the case being fully clarified, because perhaps the connections that surround it could reveal that both the material executors, as well as the intellectual authors of that fact They tried to guarantee with eternal silence the stability of their criminal structures.

There was never a convincing explanation regarding the police / judicial process that surrounded the mysterious case of this individual, accused of murdering more than 30 people, and who according to the Police, at the time, was a fugitive; but his lawyer and the “vos populi” said what was in his town, Gurabo, participating in the galleras and doing social life.

For this reason, many did not understand and assure that, more than a man persecuted by the National Police, he was a protégé. However, another hypothesis arises that should not be ignored, and that is that the high levels of compromising information handled by this man became a threatening double-edged sword: it protected him and rewarded him with a degree of impunity, but also those who in the end they ended his life, they could feel intimidated and in danger by those same knowledge that he had.

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