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Sergia Elena. PLD candidate must explain his economic boom

The Town Crier, Monte Plata. The vice-presidential candidate of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC), People’s Force (FP) and allies, Sergia Elena de Séliman, said today that the government’s presidential candidate must talk about how she has obtained the economic boom that he exhibits “instead of being clown and playing dumb. ”

Speaking to the media during a face-to-face dialogue in the municipality of Yamasá, Leonel Fernández’s voting partner highlighted that the former president of the Republic is in second place and described the collapse of the candidate of the Partido de the Dominican Liberation (PLD) in the face of the abandonment of the Government to Monte Plata and other communities.

“To Gonzalo Castillo, stop playing the clown and the fool and tell the country once and for all where all those multimillion-dollar resources that manage their companies today came from, how this gigantic growth took place and monumental during those years in which he was minister of the governments of Danilo Medina ”, expressed the candidate for the vice presidency of the Republic.

He added “that is what we want to know, I do not know if it is true that he is a fool or a clown but I am not going to be entertained with his antics, if he knows how to add, subtract or not, but rather tell the country where he came from the impressive growth of their companies, inexplicable in the Dominican Republic and Latin America, how all those planes that are perceived to be worth several billion Dominican pesos came out, where did that come from, the country wants to hear it, “said Sergia Elena Mejía de Séliman.

The high political leader maintained that despite the misuse of state resources in his favor, the PLD candidate has dropped to third place, which he considered logical given the abandonment of the administration of President Danilo Medina to Monte Plata and most of the demarcations of the country, as has been confirmed in his recent campaign tours of the national territory.

“It is not a question of abuse of resources but of capacity, experience and love for the homeland,” he stressed, and he cited different works carried out in Monte Plata during the governments of the FP president and again presidential candidate, among them, the highway del Nordeste, Monte Planta municipal hospital, sports games facilities, more than 108 educational centers, the main electrification projects, the church, the technology center and the economic canteens.

“And they are sure to have pending infrastructure works such as aqueducts, neighborhood roads to facilitate the transportation of cocoa production as well as roads, in addition to the continuation of the social policies initiated by Fernández in favor of health and education,” he added.

Mejía de Séliman, who made a donation of ultraviolet disinfection lamps and surgical masks to the Yamasá health center, in the municipal district of Los Botados, expressed dismay that the abandonment of the Danilo Medina administration to this province has forced the Monteplateños to leave and because of that now they have three deputies instead of four as before.

The vice-presidential candidate spoke during a face-to-face meeting with provincial leaders in the municipality of Yamasá, where she also spoke with farmers, representatives of the Catholic and Evangelical churches, youth and various community activists.

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