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PLD and Amable Aristy Castro’s party formalize alliance rupture

This Friday the act of resignation of the agreement was announced on February 25, 2020

Temístocles Montás (i), president of the PLD, and Amable Aristy Castro (d), president of the PLR. (FREE JOURNAL / FILE)

The parties of the Dominican Liberation (PLD) and Liberal Reformista (PLR), of Senator Amable Aristy Castro, formalized this Friday the breaking of the alliance signed between them on February 25, 2020.

The PLD published on its Twitter account the resignation act in which it was established that both political parties would attend allies in the presidential and congressional elections of July 5 , with common representation at the presidential and senatorial level.

According to what is read in the document, both parties renounce the nomination of common candidates and leave without effect all common representation in the electoral boards and colleges. Now, each party must nominate its own private candidates for the different levels, as well as appoint representatives and delegates before the electoral boards and colleges.

Likewise, they authorize the Central Electoral Board (JCE) to take the necessary measures to readjust the electoral ballots at the presidential and senatorial levels, so that they reflect the act of termination of the alliance.

Former JCE member assures Aristy Castro cannot support any other candidate Temístocles Montás says the PLD prepares to undo a pact signed with Amable Aristy

For days there has been talk of the rupture between the two parties, after the presidential candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Luis Abinader, and also a member of that political organization Hipólito Mejía visited Amable Aristy Castro to discuss issues “of interest national “, as the latter reported on his Twitter account.

In a letter sent to the PLD, in which he requested the termination of the agreement, Aristy Castro, senator of La Altagracia, indicated that he did so after “deep intimate reflection and broad consultation with the unanimity of our leadership cadres and, for above all, it constitutes the worthy reaction to an unnecessary and undeserved injury ”

The former member of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Eddy Olivares explained this Friday that Aristy Casto will not be able to formalize any type of agreement with another party or support a certain presidential candidate, so the PLR ​​must go only for the elections and cannot nominate a presidential candidate.

The rupture between the PLD and Aristy Castro occurred after the municipal elections were held on March 15. In that contest, the daughter of Aristy Castro, Karina, lost the mayoralty of Higuey, to which she was running again.

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