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Pedro Guerrero is in the lineup of the “Scottie Pippen”


  • he ensemble is also made up of Carlos Ruiz, Kent Hrbek, Frank White, Mark Belanger, Scott Rolen, Joe Rudi and Bernie Williams.
  • As designated Ken Singleton and pitchers Pedro Guerrero was part of the Los Angeles Dodgers and his name shone in Major League Baseball.Scottie Pippen was one of the best supporting players, and the Chicago Bulls could not have won six NBA championships without him. Still, when we think of those teams, one player always comes to mind above the rest: Michael Jordan. It was as if they were Jordan’s Bulls.Watching this detailed dynamic in the ESPN-produced documentary series, “The Last Dance,” got us thinking about major league players who played a similar role. This is a delicate balance, because on many occasions the stars of a team were of the same level: Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are an example in the Phillies that won five consecutive divisional titles from 2007 to 2011.Pitcher Starting: Orlando Hernández, YankeesYears with team: 1998-2004T he Duke played alongside Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte and Panamanian Mariano Rivera, so he was never going to be the club’s biggest star. He also didn’t make his major league debut until the age of 32, so his career was simply different. But Cuban Hernandez had a 2.55 ERA in 19 postseason appearances, including four World Series starts with the Yankees and one relief job with the White Sox in 2005.

    He won eight Gold Gloves and was called up to the All-Star Game five times over 18 seasons as the second-best player on Royals teams led by George Brett. Those ninths saw playoff action seven times over a 10-year period from 1976 to 1985, including a World Series title in 1985.

    SS: Mark Belanger, OriolesYears with team: 1965-1981

    He was a key player in teams that won three consecutive American League titles and a World Series (1970). Belanger claimed eight Gold Gloves as a player who represented the “Oriole Way” as well as the famous gunboat Brooks Robinson or the winner of 20 games Jim Palmer.

    3B: Scott Rolen, Cardinals Years with team: 2002-07

    Throughout a 17-year career with four different teams, he was called seven times to the All-Star Game and won eight Golden Gloves. He was the second-best player in those Cardinal teams led by Dominican Albert Pujols who reached the World Series twice and they won it in 2006. Rolen has been nowhere near making it to the Hall of Fame in the three years he has appeared on the ballot, but his vote total has been increasing at every opportunity.

    OF: Bernie Williams, YankeesYears with team: 1991-2006

    The Puerto Rican was the most underrated elite player in the teams that won the World Series four times and in which players such as Derek Jeter and Panamanian Mariano Rivera, plus coach Joe Torre were consolidated. But Williams was pretty good, too, with five All-Star calls, four Golden Gloves and an American League batting title in 1998 with a .339 average. From 1996 to 2000, when the Yankees won four championships in five years, Jeter led the team with a total WAR of 28.4, but Williams was on his heels (25.4). No other Yankee had more than 16.2.

    OF: Joe Rudi, Athletics Years with the team: 1967-1976

    Reggie Jackson was the brightest star on Athletics teams that won three World Series in a row, but many baseball people credited Rudi with the same impact. Even many of them thought that Rudi could be the player with the most demand when he and Jackson became free agents the same year. Both signed five-year contracts, Jackson with the Yankees and Rudi with the Angels. But Jackson received a larger amount of money ($ 3.5 million vs. $ 2.1 million).

    BD: Ken Singleton, OriolesYears with team: 1975-1984

    He began his career in Baltimore with Brooks Robinson in the 1970s and ended it with Cal Ripken Jr. and Eddie Murray in the 1980s. He served as a full-time designee in only the last three seasons of his career and was an unexpected collaborator on winning teams. constantly, including the 1983 World Series.

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