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Majority of downward crimes and criminal acts in New York City

Statistics show a reduction in the first week of May of almost 22% and 23.77% in one month

New York City, the epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States, has remained in a state of emergency since March 11, when Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the complete closure.

COVID-19 has not only slowed the economy and reduced commercial activity in the city, but it also appears to be contributing to the reduction of most crimes.

The disease has spread to 357,757 people and killed 28,437 in the entire state, according to statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University. And New York City is the most affected with 198,710 infections and 20,376 deaths.

According to statistics from the New York City Police Department, a total of 1,328 crime reports were recorded during the week of May 4-10. In 2019, this figure was 1,693, representing a reduction of 21.56%.

In 28 days, the total number is 5,137 complaints; in 2019 during the same period it was 6,739, for a reduction of 23.77%.


Rapes decreased 25% in one week and 41.5% in 28 days. Robbery assaults were down 28.4% and 24.4%. Assaults with intent to harm decreased by 32.9% and 27.9%. And thefts of items valued above $ 1,000 were also down 40% and 46.6%.

Statistics show that in the week from 4 to 10, 262 complaints were registered, unlike in 2019, which were 169, for an increase of 55%. In 28 days, the total amounts to 1,080, unlike the previous year, which to date the total was 756, that is, the growth is 42.9%.

Reports of car theft have also been on the rise. On the aforementioned dates, the complaints were 139, compared to 84 in 2019, this represents an increase of 65.5%. And in 28 days, 538 compared to 335 in 2019, an increase of 60.6%.

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