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J Balvin: “Quarantine is like fame; it brings out the best and worst in us”

The 35-year-old singer reflected on the long days at home experienced by the coronavirusHe stated that the reality that lies ahead will not be bad but differentColombian singer J Balvin. External source The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone’s agenda. There is no distinction between a world famous artist or a person who works during office hours because everything has stopped.

Regarding the fact that J Balvin celebrated 35 years of life on May 7 and celebrated it with few family members due to social distancing, the Colombian artist declared that quarantine is like fame and money; brings out the best and worst in human beings.

“What I have learned from this quarantine is to live day by day. Tomorrow we do not know what will happen and this is how life should be. And thinking that quarantine brings out the best and the worst in us, it is like fame and money” he reflected.

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