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AVISPÓN ASIÁTICO: ¿Ataque bio-terrorista?

ASIAN HORN: Bio-terrorist attack?

Written by Florencio de los Santos

Great panic and alarm caused in the social networks and other mass media, the presence in the state of Washington a few days ago, of Asian Killer Wasps, scientifically known as VESPA MANDARINIA.

And, this reaction is due to the fatal fame of the dangerous insect that mortally attacks native bees, destroying hives of up to 60 thousand units in a few hours, as it is a “carnivorous” species, which decapitates bees, feeds on parts as a favorite dish and feeds the larvae of its swarm with the thorax of its victims. In Japan it has been reported that 50 people die annually from their bites.

These dreaded insects, with an average size of 2 inches, a strong jaw, venom capable of dissolving tissues, resistant armor and high aggressiveness, have come to represent the worst threat to wild bees in the countries where they have immigrated.

It is a gigantic attack on the national ecosystem, since two-third of the pollination of flowers, which later become fruits, are carried out by native bees, whose population has been reduced by the use of pesticides, forest fires, habitat contamination , electromagnetic frequencies, global warming, among others.

The famous scientist Albert Einstein is long imputed with the terrifying and truthful phrase: “If bees disappear from the planet, man would only have 4 years to live”.

THEN How did the Asian hornet get to the United States?

According to several studies carried out, these insects usually do not leave their environment more than 4 kilometers away to get their food and sustenance. Much less possible is that, like migratory birds, they can cross the oceans to reach the American continent.

For the biologist of the Department of Agriculture of the United States of America, Allam Smith-Pardo these hornets arrived from Asia to the United States by means of air parcel shipments. And he added that in a study he had had from 2010 to 2018 at points of entry to the United States, they had intercepted at least 50 cases of wasps, and that they even captured a hive full of live hornets that from the other side of the ocean someone I had sent.

This theory is detailed by biologists and other knowledgeable authorities on the subject, who are in unison with Smith-Pardo on the subject.

And what do you think? What will be sought with this? Will it be another bio-terrorist attack against America? So comment so we can comment.

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