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Semblanza De El Dr. Cruz Jiminian


Doctor by profession and humanist at heart

-On the occasion of the recent events that occurred to Dr. Cruz Jiminian, the journalist Florencio de los Santos fully reproduces a semblance that he made to the famous doctor in 1999.-

The patient complied with the Doctor’s order to take a pill immediately. But there was no water available in the office. In such a situation, the illustrious doctor proposed to ingest it with a little of the juice that the doctor was drinking, and it was done. Then he fired him, reiterating how to continue the treatment, and warning him (like a son) that he should return in two weeks.

That scene is the one I remember most from that first time when I was in the office of Doctor Félix Antonio Cruz Jiminian, who is a doctor by profession and a humanist at heart. Today a long time later and in the same place, I find him again as attentive and ready to help the poor, as he does 365 days a year, because for him his mission in life is “to be able to relieve the pain of others and work until the day of my death. ”

Originally from Jarabacoa and coming from a very humble family, this medical professional, since 1982, when he founded his Clinic in Cristo Rey, has paid tribute to the Hippocratic Oath, rendering his services to people from different social classes, who are cared for there with or without money.

Sky blue walls and whitewashed ceiling, surrounded by other doctors, phone, papers and a huge number of patients coming and going continuously, this social example takes time to indicate to us from the other side of your desk that the inspiration of your work is faith in God, who when practicing it serving someone in need, can feel closer to Him.

While the afternoon is putting on gray makeup on the distant horizon and the clock marked 5, Cruz Jiminian tells Rescate, that this year his main projects are to follow the Foundation that bears his name, for which a building has already been built , and also continue with medical operations in all the country’s prisons, orphanages, and nursing homes; as well as towns and cities, among others.

Dressed in an elegant white reinforced cotton robe and designed in a foreign cut where the US initials stand out, with a calm gaze and a conviction of Father Billini of the present, external that his “greatest satisfaction is feeling that he can solve a tragedy of someone no one it protects “, as are the surgeries to children who are born deformed”. So, in addition, his greatest desire is “that medicine reach the most humble with the same benefits that it reaches the wealthy and that the poor can soothe their pain.”

Well deserving and owner of more than 400 recognitions and decorations in recent years, it is said that so far he is the Dominican who has received the most decorations in the country. They come from the Senate of the Republic, the United States Government, the press, the Human Rights Commission, universities, religious institutions, cultural centers, neighborhood councils, various municipalities, among many others.

Thus, while outside a grained and calm rain falls, also in the office a few drops of sadness and concern have fallen that overwhelms the famous Doctor, and makes him raise his heart and voice against “those who administer the goods of the people and they use it against himself. “Reaching out with his hands firmly on the hard desk, he called for” the people to unite against the bad politicians and prevent them from continuing to divide Dominican society with their partisan interests that affect the development of the Nation “.

Sometimes giving instructions to colleagues and patients, others answering phone calls, the Health Missionary testifies that this year a scanner will be installed in the charitable foundation he presides over, since this is the only country in the world where none of the hospitals They have such a device, something that does not happen in Haiti or Africa, so the poor have to pay around three thousand pesos for a CT scan in a private center or die.

While “there are luxurious avenues, large apartments, luxurious Mercedes Benz and the president rides in modern helicopters, the poor here have to die by force because there is not a single CT scanner,” the legendary Cruz Jiminian stressed with the harmonious force of character that identifies the famous “People’s Doctor” (Title conferred by the National Congress on September 23, 1995).

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