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History of Beauty (1st. Part)


Since time immemorial, beauty has become one of the elements of natural attraction that has most decisively influenced the taste of the different genres of human groups.

The very famous saying of Chinese philosophy “An image says more than a thousand words”, or “There is no second chance to make a good first impression”, find concepts in the improvement and constant cultivation of the results of cosmetic beauty as a discipline .

Its evolutionary process has been transformed from ancient Egypt with its mystical culture, it has bordered artistic Greece with its cults to the human (aesthetic) figure, it crossed the iron Roman empire with the wide range of conquered nations, plus the cultures shown in its Typical concepts of beauty took root, grew and flourished later in the Europe of the Reformation.

Every day technology, together with the other applied sciences, experience innovations and changes that, in a demanding way, supply the needs and spaces of an increasingly demanding consumer, and that as the result of these changes and trends, obtain a conceptual vision of what everyone we understand as beautiful or beautiful.

To talk about the history of beauty, we must first define this term before anything else. It is defined as follows;

BEAUTY: It is an abstract notion linked to various aspects of human existence. This concept is studied mainly by the philosophical discipline of aesthetics, but it is also addressed by other disciplines such as history, art, sociology and social psychology.

While the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language defines it as follows; BEAUTY: sf Set of qualities whose sensible manifestation produces a spiritual delight, a feeling of admiration. He also defines her as a notable person for her beauty.

Beauty has several applications, but on the next occasion we will continue talking about beauty in relation to hair aesthetics that deals with hair care. (To be continue).

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