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Do you know if your identity has been stolen?


One of the crimes that without a doubt has advanced substantially with the development of the growing technologies in recent times, is precisely the theft of personal identity or the impersonation of data in civil and official documents.

It is a new activity that only in the United States leaves economic losses of over 15 billion dollars annually and that in 2014 affected 17.4 million Americans, according to the Washington Examiner. All to the detriment of government, banking, commercial, medical institutions, and even directly or indirectly against natural persons who are victims of such scams.

Numerous scenes are frequently shown in film and television productions that help to train criminals who carry out such misdeeds, presenting them with new and better ideas on how to carry out an impersonation, usurpation or identity theft.

So how do you know if your personal identity has been stolen?

1- Be aware of services, phone calls, and information that you have not requested.

2- Check with the agencies that issue official documents (driver’s license, I.D., passports, personal identity card or others, to find out if duplicates have been requested, especially for losses.

3- Check with the telephone companies, cable tv., Electricity and others, how many services or contracts you have in your name.

4- Request a report of your expenses in credit companies. Check your payments and consumption, that will let you know if there are expenses that you did not make or are not aware of.

5- Check with your social security or government entities if resources or benefits have been dispatched in your name, and that you ignore.

6- Remember to report any anomaly to the Police and institutions that ensure public safety and obtain certifications for each report you make.

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